Quarry Point Quilt Guild was founded in 2012 and the first meeting was in May 2012. Quarry Point Quilt Guilds founding members were Blanche Paine, Pat MacIntyre, Linda Barrette, Laura Bishop, Isable Merlock, and Muriel Kelaway. These women were interested in the art of quilting, the history of and making of quilts

The purpose of the guild is to pass on the knowledge of and the interest in quilting to others as stated in our mission statement below:

Mission Statement:
The mission statement of Quarry Point Quilt Guild is to promote the appreciation, enjoyment, and knowledge of quilting as an art form and a craft to its membership and to the general public. The guild encourages quilting for the benefit of charitable causes and provides opportunities to broaden quilting skills through educational programs, meetings, and workshops. The guild hopes to foster camaraderie and inspiration among quilters of the Glace Bay and surrounding areas, and offers support to the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Society of Cape Breton.